Muhyiddin is most likely to become the 10th Prime Minister, see the election manifesto of the NLD!


The 15th National Election is not a three-way race, as predicted, but a two-way race with many small seats, i.e., the seats of Pakatan Harapan and BN are not far apart, while BN and Sarawak play the role of kingmakers.

From all indications, the possibility of BN, BN, GPS and GRS forming a government together is the greatest. Tan Sri Muhyiddin could be our 10th Prime Minister, possibly the second political figure to step down and become Prime Minister again, the first being Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

Whether people like it or not, this is very likely to be the latest trend in our political landscape. Now let’s take a look at the BN’s election manifesto.

BN’s election manifesto

1. to establish a “Special Investment Promotion Fund” to encourage high tech industries to add value and provide high paying jobs, especially for young employees, and to develop a comprehensive land use plan for food production, supply and distribution to make the country self-sufficient.

2. to establish a single agency as a one-stop center to coordinate the provision of various forms of assistance and subsidies to the people in the form of subsidies and social assistance of RM5 to RM70 billion per year, but the assistance and distribution is made up of different departments and agencies.

3. to implement the National Anti-Corruption Plan and establish anti-corruption tribunals, as well as to enact bills or ordinances related to political contributions to strengthen the fight against corruption in the country.

4. Strengthen the indigenous development agenda by strengthening and improving the National Investment Agency (PNB), the People’s Trust Authority (MARA), the National Equity Corporation (EKUINAS), the Indigenous Agenda Leadership Unit (TERAJU) and the Development Economic Affairs Department (PKEN).

5. reduce development disparities across the country and improve the efficiency of public transport access linking rural and urban areas. Implement the 1963 Malaysia Agreement to promote inclusive development and priority allocation of development grants in Sabah and Sarawak, and establish new public universities in Sabah and Sarawak.

6. establish a national natural disaster and climate change response agency to protect nature and respond more effectively to floods and natural disasters.

7. to set a quota of at least 2 members of parliament for youths in parliament, to allow loans from the Second Class Graduates Tertiary Education Fund (PTPTN) to be reduced by 25%, to promote the Rent First Buy Later scheme in major cities to assist youths and also to introduce an interest-free housing finance scheme, to provide a special incentive worth RM1,000 to part-time economic employees who are eligible to attend selected courses in tertiary institutions.

8. To amend Article 14(1)(b) of the Constitution to enable Malaysian mothers to pass on their nationality to their children born overseas. Strengthen and speed up the implementation of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act and the drafting of the Anti-Stalking Bill.

9. To cope with the aging population, a Ministry of Elderly Affairs will be established to provide the elderly with access to services, welfare programs and social security to help them lead an affluent life, as well as to introduce a doctor’s home visit program to take care of their health.

10. mandatory installation of facilities suitable for people with disabilities in all public buildings and private places, and safeguarding the welfare of people with disabilities through programs such as improving community rehabilitation centers (PDK) and enhancing medical and vocational training.

11. To focus on the welfare of settlers, create new economic opportunities for settlers, improve Internet and affordable housing, etc., and increase the safety of housing for the new generation of settlers.

12. Take care of farmers, breeders, fishermen and small farmers to improve their income.

(Information intercepted from Oriental Daily News)

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