Methods for Immigrating to Australia


How to move to Australia?

Malaysia’s political situation is unstable, and many people are considering moving to another country. Here are some options for moving to Australia. In general, there are three types of immigration to Australia: skilled immigration, investment immigration, and sponsorship immigration.

Skilled immigration is intended to compensate for the continued shortage of talent in Australia, with the goal of working in Australia and obtaining an immigrant visa. Investment immigration is the process of obtaining a visa by investing in Australia and applying for an immigrant visa through the sponsorship of an employer or spouse.

Moving to Australia

1. Skilled immigration

Skilled immigration means that Australia desperately needs some technical skills, such as nursing, information technology, engineers, preschool education, chefs, and so on. Those who want to immigrate to Australia must first meet certain requirements and accumulate enough immigration points before they can apply for skilled immigration.

Skilled immigrants in Australia are mostly granted 189, 190, and 491 visas. The 189 visa allows applicants to apply for fewer occupations, and competition is fierce. The 190 visa and 491 visa require individual state guarantees and may require living in a faraway states, and the application requirement is lower.

2. Investment immigration

In Australia, investment immigration consists primarily of 188 and 132 visas, with required investment amounts ranging from 200,000 to 15 million Australian dollars.

The basic requirements for the application include being nominated by the Australian local government, being invited to immigrate, being healthy and having no criminal record, having business experience, and having investment experience.

3. Sponsor immigration

Simply put, it is a guarantee from the employer. You can live in Australia for a long time if you work in Australia and have a guarantee from your employer. This includes 482 work visas and 186 tourist visas (permanent residence visa).

In most cases, international students can only apply for a two-year work visa after graduation, though this can be extended to three years in rural areas. Apply for a permanent residence visa after obtaining a work visa.

Spousal sponsorship allows you to obtain an Australian immigrant visa if your spouse is an Australian.

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