McD is severely understaffed! Store manager offers [super attractive hourly rate RM220] to lure employees to give up their vacation to earn RM3700 a day!


Restaurant shortage, the boss in order to tempt employees to work overtime can “go to the end of a few”? A few days ago, a McD employee and TikTok user slaytok1 revealed in the social platform, because the McD branch where he works is too short of people, the store manager actually in order to tempt employees to give up their vacation to come out to work, offering an hourly wage of 50 U.S. dollars (about RM 220)!

According to foreign media reports, McD employee slaytok1 shared a hot dance video on TikTok with a background suspected to be shot in McD, during which he revealed that the manager of the store where he was working that day gave a special salary of US$50 per hour to entice employees to stay and work for support because of the serious lack of staff work.

Therefore, the employee worked from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm that day, after a solid shift of up to 17 hours, although he was very tired, but that day he was paid up to 850 U.S. dollars (about RM 3740) not only made him happy, but also confessed that this is definitely the best money earned in this life ~.

The video has already had more than views on TikTok, and many netizens have sighed with envy, while others have left comments like “I’m willing to work 24 hours”, “I can work until I pass out”, “I can work all the time, it’s okay. I can work all the time,” and so on.

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