Maybank launches new feature, Maybank Goal-Based Investment.


Maybank launches a new feature, namely Maybank Goal-Based Investment.

The Maybank Goal-Based Investment function launched by Maybank allows users to start investing in trust funds with as little as RM200. Buying trust funds at this stage will enjoy a 0% sales fee discount.

According to the information on Maybank’s official website, users can start investing according to their own needs, such as wanting to increase asset value, wanting to save for education, or wanting to save for retirement. There are a total of 5 investment risks to choose from, namely Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Balanced, Moderately Aggressive and Aggresive. The annual rate of return that can be enjoyed ranges from 4.33%p.a. to 9.88%p.a., and the actual rate of return depends on the performance of each fund.

Users can choose to sell the purchased funds at any time, but the withdrawal process takes 2 to 3 days to complete. Maybank Goal-Based Investment is a long-term investment, so users are not encouraged to buy and sell frequently in the short term.

Maybank Goal-Based Investment is currently launching a 0% sales charge (Sale Charge) discount. This discount is from now until June 25, 2024, after which a sales charge of 0 to 1.5% will be levied.

If you are interested in starting investing in funds using Maybank Goal-Based Investment, you can open the MAE APP, enter the Quick Actions function, and select Goal-Based Investment. Then you can choose a fund based on your needs.

Note: The information is purely shared and does not contain any investment advice.

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