Massimo announces bread price increase from October 15!


Gardenia bread has been increased since September, and now Massimo bread has announced that it will increase its prices as of October 15.


According to The Italian Baker Company, the price of Massimo bread will be increased from October 15, 2022, by 10 to 60 cents.


Fortunately, the price of Massimo white bread will remain the same at RM2.80 for 400g and RM4.00 for 600g.


In fact, Massimo Bread has already increased the price of bread in January 2022. In January this year, the price of 400g Massimo white bread was increased from RM2.38 sen to RM2.80 sen and 600g white bread was increased from RM3.35 sen to RM4.00.


The global outbreak of severe inflation, soaring raw material prices and the strong U.S. dollar are the reasons for the increase in bread prices.


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