Malaysian student in Taiwan dies after scuffle


A MALAYSIAN student who was attacked by three men outside a karaoke outlet in Keelung city in Taiwan has succumbed to his injuries

Police investigation revealed that the 23-year-old student of the National Taiwan Ocean University had an altercation with the three suspects.

In the Nov 15 incident, the victim and a 24-year-old male friend bumped into the three suspects whom the duo did not know, at a store on the ground floor of the same building as the karaoke outlet.

After their karaoke session, the three suspects bumped into the victims again and one of them who appeared to be drunk raised his voice.

A fight ensued and the trio stabbed the victims with their pen knives.

The victims were sent to the hospital but the Malaysian died from critical injuries after three days on Saturday.

Police arrested the suspects on the same day and they were charged in a court with causing hurt and the death of the victim.

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