Latest Retail Prices Of Petrol & Diesel For This January 30th – February 5th


The lastest petrol prices are out! The price of RON95 gasoline and RON97 gasoline per liter remain unchanged, while the price of diesel is reduced by 2 cents. 

According to the latest news, the price of RON95 gasoline per liter from January 30 to February 5 is RM1.90, per liter of RON97 gasoline is RM2.20, both remain unchanged. The price of diesel per liter is RM2.07, reduced by 2 cents.

As in the afternoon of January 29, the price of a barrel of Brent Oil was US$55.6, while the price of Crude Oil was US$52.26. International oil prices have been fluctuating, which has caused our domestic gasoline and diesel to fluctuate as well. 

The government will annouce the latest retail prices of petrol and diesel every Friday evening. You can refer to the announcement before deciding whether to refill your petrol or not. 

The retail price of gasoline and diesel from January 30 to February 5

RON95: RM1.90 (remain unchanged)

RON97: RM2.20 (remain unchanged)

Diesel: RM2.01 (reduced by 2 cents)

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