Kuala Nerus’s flooding could get worse


In the current northeast monsoon season, Kuala Nerus was the first district in Terengganu to experience flooding. A makeshift relief centre was established at the Tok Jembal multipurpose hall. As early as 4 a.m. yesterday, 124 individuals from 54 families were moved to the centre, according to the state disaster management committee secretariat. It said in a statement that it anticipated more victims and the opening of new centres. SK Seri Budiman, SK Losong, and SK Tok Dir are the three schools in Kuala Terengganu that were impacted by the floods, according to deputy director of the Terengganu Education Department (School Management Sector) Azman Othman. He said that the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) approach had been mandated for all educators and students. The public Infobanjir website of the Irrigation and Drainage Department indicates that only the main ditch in Padang Kemunting, Kuala Nerus, has a reading of 3.7 metres, above the 3.6-meter warning level. In the meantime, floods in Kuala Nerus and Kuala Terengganu prompted Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) to activate its disaster operations room. A 24-hour hotline has also been activated, according to UMT vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr. Mazlan Abd Ghaffar.
He said that twenty students who were impacted by the flooding had been sent to the UMT sports centre hall, which served as a temporary relief centre. “Last morning, water flooded some of the student housing areas close to the campus, including Kampung Pak Tuyu, Kampung Jati, Kampung Gong Pak Jin, and Kampung Tok Jembal. According to a statement he provided, “the UMT safety division had to use alternative routes to facilitate movement because several areas within the UMT campus were also flooded,” Bernama reported. According to Prof. Mazlan, the university would give a grant of RM10,000 to non-Muslim students and zakat aid worth RM100,000 to UMT students and the local community affected by the floods.
For further information and assistance, he recommended that the staff and students get in touch with the disaster operations room at 09-668 5059/09-668 4118. Asst Comm Sharudin Md Zain, director of the state’s Civil Defence Department in Kota Kinabalu, announced that 859 hotspots encompassing 31 districts and sub-districts that are susceptible to flooding and associated calamities have been identified. He said that the department could send out 78 land and 122 sea assets in total in case of an emergency. In addition to other emergency and rescue organisations, he declared that 12,055 rescuers would be ready to go at any time to guarantee efficient rescue operations. Additionally, he reported that 423 makeshift shelters with space for nearly 151,000 victims were prepared for use. He also mentioned that the National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) had prepared 4,000 meal kits as early assistance for victims of disasters. He claimed that since November 5, pertinent training sessions for locals had been held in a number of locations. Sharudin stated that Kota Kinabalu, Kudat, Pitas, Beaufort, Penampang, Kota Belud, and Kota Marudu were among the flood-prone and disaster-prone areas in Sabah. “A total of 1,314 assets will be used for emergencies with the other rescue agencies,” stated Sharudin.  

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