Korean film “CCTV” adapted from a real horror case, the work completed a full 9 years finally released!


The movie “CCTV” is starred by South Korean actor Guo Daewon, who has appeared in “The Wailing”, “Steel Rain”, “The Man Standing Next”, “The Golden Holiday” and so on in recent years, but there is no new work, and this movie “Prison Regicide” is believed to bring another wave of climax. In fact, this movie finished filming work as early as 2014, and at that time Guo to Yuan was not yet famous.

This movie has gone through many twists and turns from filming to release. When the team went to the shooting site, they learned that there was an unsolved murder at the original location. Due to the need to use a large number of monitors during filming, but these monitors have been emitting abnormal signals, the picture also flickered, as if to warn the shooting team can no longer continue to shoot. The most bizarre thing is that before filming, Kwak had rehearsed safely many times, but once the shooting started, he was still injured and broke his face. In addition, the director, Kim Hong-ik, wanted to make up some scenes after preparing for many days, but he was hit by a large loading truck on the day of making up the film, which made people feel that there was a force to stop them from finishing the film. After being hit, Kim was in a coma for a week, and it took a year and a half of rebuilding before the film was finally finished.

When everything was finally completed, though the film could be released, the results met the epidemic outbreak, and then Guo to Yuan 2022 in Jeju drunk driving and was arrested by the police and could not personally promote. The movie was released after so many twists and turns, and because the topic was high enough, it was also unexpected for the director and Guo to Yuan, proving that all the hard work was not in vain.

Back to the plot of this movie, this is not a movie based on a homicide case unprecedented in South Korea that led to the death of eight people, one person is still missing. In order to attract more people to watch and subscribe, a web star decided to investigate the mysterious case, restore the truth, and find the only survivor. When the interview begins, the truth that has been hidden for 10 years will be revealed, and after 10 years, it will all come to an end.

The film is shot in the modern Netflix style of retro cinematography, with the addition of Japanese and Korean thriller images from 10 years ago, and the classic horror of the era. In addition, the director wants to use these filming techniques to bring the audience into the horror atmosphere under the monitors that are indispensable in our lives, and to remind us to be wary of the monitors around us as well.

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