JPJ issues statement clarifying that it did not authorize BJAK to provide road tax updates!


JPJ has not authorized BJAK to provide road tax renewal services.

According to a message from the Bureau of Land Transportation (JPJ), BJAK has not been authorized by JPJ to provide road tax renewal services, and JPJ takes a serious view of BJAK’s statement that it offers free road tax renewal services.

The JPJ’s announcement also pointed out that the agency has received a number of complaints from people who have updated their road tax on BJAK’s website, only to find out that their road tax has not actually been updated.

Not only that, JPJ also revealed that many people have complained about BJAK levying additional fees to help update the road tax, JPJ pointed out that the Department of Transportation or the Land Transportation Authority has not approved BJAK to impose any additional fees on the public.

JPJ appealed to the people to renew their road tax through JPJ counters, JPJ Kiosk, MyJPJ APP and other platforms.

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