Johor makes November 27 a special holiday!


The Johor state government has declared Sunday, November 27 as a special holiday to celebrate the Johor JDT soccer team reaching the Malaysia Cup final.

According to a Facebook post by Johor State Minister Ong Hafiz, Sunday 27 November will be a special holiday in Johor. The announcement was made to celebrate the Johor Darul Taqsin Football Team (JDT) reaching the Malaysia Cup final.

It is expected that the Johor government’s announcement also aims to allow Johorians to enjoy 4 consecutive days of holiday to return home or travel, instead of returning to work after 2 days of weekly leave and then having another holiday on Monday.

Not only that, Johor JDT soccer team is playing against Selangor in the Malaysia Cup, if the Johor JDT soccer team can successfully win the Malaysia Cup, then from the past situation, the next day will definitely announce the holiday. Now the Johor government just announced it in advance.

This means that Johor’s government departments and schools will be closed for four days, from November 25 (Friday) to November 28 (Monday). November 25 and 26 are weekly vacations, while November 27 is a special holiday announced by the state government and November 28 is a special holiday announced by the new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar.

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