It takes 7 plastic bowls to buy 2 bowls of the dessert! “No one does business like this,” the boss was scolded for charging customers for plastic boxes.


A man just made a post on the Facebook page “Hawkers United – Dabao 2020” to demand justice for his hawker related family and friends!

The same day, a woman paid 3.60 Singapore dollars (approximately RM12) for two bowls of dessert at a relative’s stand. Later, the woman took a few plastic spoons and requested an additional empty bowl. Soon later, the woman’s traveling companion returned with the intention of finding four more empty bowls.

Because of a lack of empty bowls, the stall owner suggested they use plastic boxes instead and charged them S$0.20 (approximately RM0.67). They unexpectedly objected to being charged, shouted loudly in front of the dessert booth, and told the stall owner that “No one does business like this.”

The message has so far generated contentious discussions among netizens. It has more than 1,000 likes after only a few days. Following their observation, viewers criticized the customer’s action and recommended that the stall owner post the other party’s information online.


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