Is it available in Malaysia? Apple launches sky-high price travel mug! Can support “Find My” anti-lost!


Apple has always paid attention to anti-lost items. In addition to its “Find My” function, which can find the traces of iPhone, Mac, AirPods, and Apple Watch, it has also launched AirTag recently. Users can hang AirTag with keys, bags, and even pets, hoping to find items through AirTag when the items are missing.

According to Apple’s official website in the United States, Apple recently launched a new product, Ember’s Travel Mug 2+, priced at US$199.95 (about RM930). The biggest highlight of this travel mug is that it supports “Find My”, which can be located and retrieved on iPhone, iPad and Mac after it is lost.

It is reported that the Travel Mug 2+ travel mug is the same as the previously launched Travel Mug 2 travel mug in terms of functions, mainly adding the “Find My” function. It is worth mentioning that this travel mug also has a built-in speaker. It will make a sound if you forget to bring it when you go out. In addition, it can be seen in the product introduction column that the Travel Mug 2+ travel mug has a temperature control function to ensure that the user’s drink is at a suitable temperature for drinking, and the temperature can be controlled for up to 3 hours.

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