In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal’s producer gets stalked by cult believers.


The documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, which exposes the scandal of the Korean cult, has been on the shelves for a few days and has caused great repercussions, in addition to the Hong Kong star Alex Fong’s girlfriend Ye Xuan (Maple), who has come forward to accuse the Regent of sexual abuse, the documentary also exposes his sexual abuse and kidnapping of female believers in the name of religion, and also exposes his The documentary also reveals that he uses the name of religion to sexually abuse and kidnap women believers, and even exposes his obscene life.

The writer and director of the documentary, Cho Sung-hyun, recently appeared on the MBC radio program “Kim Jong-bae’s Vision” and publicly stated that Jung Myung-taek’s perversion was far beyond imagination and that he was so shocked that he was sick for a week after returning from filming. In order to reduce the impact of Jung Myung-Jae on society, PD Jo revealed that only one-tenth of the perverted sexual abuse part was exposed, saying that there is very serious sexual abuse content, which is not comparable to the content in the documentary, saying that Jung Myung-Jae is “very, very perverted”! In addition, it is reported that they currently have more than 10,000 believers, and do not rule out more victims exposed.

The first time he put a truncheon and a stun gun in his car to protect himself, he suffered numerous threats and stalking during his 2 years of production! He said that once he came home and found a car had been following him for nearly 30 minutes, but fortunately he was very resourceful and deliberately drove into the parking lot of his brother-in-law’s house to get rid of the following vehicle. There was another time when it was raining outside the window during the shooting, and we were looking at the rain outside the window together with the actors when we suddenly received an anonymous text message that read: “Are you looking at the rain outside the window too? The anonymous text message that read, “Are you looking at the rain outside the window too?” instantly sent the crew into a panic.

The original name of the Korean Regency Church is the Evangelical Christian Missionary Society, also known as JMS, which is the initials of the head of the church, Jung Myung-Jae. Earlier, JMS also filed a petition to the Korean court to ban the documentary from Netflix, but it was finally rejected. In the Name of God: Betrayal of Faith” revealed the dark stories of four Korean cults and shocked society.

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