IG’s “sticky note” feature is getting better, with avatars turning into 2-second loops Video


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Instagram’s ” Notes” on Instagram (IG) is getting richer and richer. The one-year-old product used to be all about text and emojis, but now it’s been updated to include selfie videos.

Sticky Notes are in IG’s Chat Rooms – when you open IG and click on Chat Rooms in the top right corner, you’ll see sticky notes (similar to a dialog box) appear above your friends’ avatars. Any friend you’re tracking will be able to see their sticky note.

In this small dialog box, you can play around and write mood quotes, tweets, event previews, etc., but you can write a maximum of 60 words. If it’s too long, people may skip it. And it’s like a time-limited dynamic that can only be kept for 24 hours.

Whenever you write a new sticky note, it will automatically overwrite the old one. At the same time, you can also reply to these sticky notes, just click on a friend’s sticky note and reply with text, video, audio, photos, animated GIFs and stickers. These replies are automatically converted into private messages and sent to them. If you don’t want to see certain people’s sticky notes, you can also block them. It’s as simple as long-pressing on the person’s sticky note and selecting “Mute notes”.

Recently, IG also allowed users to turn their avatars into two-second looping videos. Again, by clicking on the dialog box above one’s avatar, there is a camera graphic in the bottom right corner of the avatar. Once you click on it, then press the record button to start recording the video. It should be noted that it only allows you to shoot with the front lens and you can’t upload videos from within your phone’s gallery.

Additionally, a netizen revealed that IG is testing a music sharing feature for sticky notes. As usual, when you click on the dialog box, you will see a button with a music symbol pattern below the avatar. Then, by clicking on the button in question, you can start searching for the music you want to upload. Not all users will be able to use this feature at the moment, so interested parties should keep an eye on IG’s official message.

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