How to fill in First Name and Last Name when buying airline tickets!


Since Chinese names are first names first and last names last, which is different from the general Malay compatriots or foreigners, often people will make mistakes when filling out First Name and Last Name.


First of all, you must understand what is First Name, Last Name, Given Name or Family Name.


First Name and Given Name are the same, that is, the first name, not including the last name. As for Last Name, Family Name and Surname, they all have the same meaning, they all refer to the surname. Here are a few examples to make it easier for you to understand.



First Name (Given Name): GUAN YAO

Last Name (Family Name):TING



First Name (Given Name):TONY BOON HONG

Last Name (Family Name):CHAN



First Name (Given Name):MOHD RASHID BIN

Last Name (Family Name):ALI


Example 4:GEMA* (Single Name)

First Name (Given Name):GEMA

Last Name (Family Name): GEMA

*If you have a single name, you will need to check with the airline to find out how to fill in your name.


This is the international standard, but there are still many people who make mistakes, so the airlines take this into consideration. Most airlines do not care about the way the name is listed, as long as all names are on the ticket, it is considered acceptable and can be released.


However, if your name is TING GUAN YAO and your ticket says TING GUAN YAO TING, you will be denied boarding because of the extra character. However, if your name is written as TING GUAN YAO, GUAN YAO TING or GUAN TING YAO, basically, the airline will accept it. Remember, as long as all the names are on the ticket (no more, no less), they are allowed on the plane.


Some airlines in western countries use the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name format. However, don’t worry, Middle Name is usually Optional, so it’s better to put your name in First & Last Name.

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