His 16-year-old son is suffering from colorectal cancer. His father sells his BMW to raise RM50,000 in medical expenses to save him.


A father is selling his beloved BMW E39 sedan for RM18,000 to help raise money for his 16-year-old son’s colorectal cancer treatment.

In a telephone interview with Malay newspaper Metro Daily, the 43-year-old father Erwan said he had been posting on Facebook to find serious buyers and was selling the BMW E39 sedan for RM18,000 because he needed it. Raise money quickly.

“I have owned this car for almost 5 years and rarely use it except for long distances.

“I originally bought it for more than RM30,000 but now plan to sell it for RM18,000 because the doctor has asked me to prepare the money considering that the cost of chemotherapy drugs is expected to be more than RM50,000.

“I didn’t know how to raise so much money, so yesterday morning, I posted the vehicle for sale on Facebook, and sure enough, many people messaged me privately.

“One of the buyers from Sabah is interested in buying, but the problem is that he lives far away, so I am still continuing to look for other serious buyers.”

Alwan said that his son Adif has received three rounds of chemotherapy and has lost significant weight.

“Adif underwent chemotherapy at Ampang Hospital, thinking his condition would improve when he returned to Johor, but the doctor said the cancer had spread.

“Not long ago, Adif seemed to have suffered a stroke at home. Fortunately, I rushed him to the hospital in time and he has been at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Bahru for two weeks.

“My wife Nuhidaya helps take care of him in the ward because I need to work and I also need to take my other children to work because there is no one to take care of them.”

He said that he and his wife feel very heavy about their son’s condition and they always pray to God for his recovery.

“As sad as it is, this is God’s plan… As a father, I have to do everything I can to help my children.

“I’m not asking, but I don’t know (the outcome) if I don’t try, and I feel like the only way now is to sell the car because my monthly income is unstable and I have to pay rent and support a family.

“The car can be found again, but life cannot be replaced, and it won’t be sold in a store.”

People interested in purchasing the car can contact Alwan at 017-7033210.

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