Genting SkyWorlds is expected to open on February 1!


According to research, Genting is working on software issues and if there are no surprises, Genting SkyWorlds will be opened on February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year. Admission fee may range from RM150 to RM300.

Previous Bank Negara research predicted that the Genting outdoor theme park will be opened on December 10, 2021, but with the arrival of a variant of the virus strain and Genting failed to deal with software problems as scheduled, so far has not been officially opened. Genting Outdoor Theme Park was opened in December for the media and some people to visit only.

Genting Outdoor Theme Park is expected to attract 3 million tourist, each tourist will spend an average of RM200. Genting Outdoor Theme Park was once named 20th Century Fox, but after a lot of twists and turns finally decided to name it Genting Skyworlds.

The Genting Skyworlds attractions are Studio Plaza, Eagle Mountain, Central Park, Rio, Andromeda Base, Liberty Lane, Epic, Robots Rivet Town and Ice Age.

In addition to the entertainment facilities, Genting Outdoor Theme Park has dining and retail venues such as Buck’s Café, Classic Burgers and Aunt Fanny’s Confectionery.


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