Friends who enjoy KFC fried chicken and meals, let’s take a look at the KFC promotions available this December.


KFC Dec promotions that KFC fans shouldn’t miss.

This December, KFC will continue to offer the Jimat Deal$ set meal for RM9.90, which includes 1 burger, 1 mashed potato, and 4 Nuggets. This package is only available through the KFC official website or the KFC APP.

KFC also provides package discounts of up to 40%. 1 Loaded Potato Bowl, 1 Cheezy Popcorn Bowl, and 2 Coca-Cola drinks are included in the Goal Bowl. The original price was RM25.38, but it is now only RM14.90.

The Half Time Party Pack comes with 9 Spicy Nuggets, 1 Popcorn Chicken, 1 mashed potato, 2 Japanese cheese sauces, and 1 bottle of cola. The original price was RM44.46, but it is now only RM32.90.

The Burger Team Pack includes two burgers, one Zinger Cheezy, nine nuggets, two Japanese cheese sauces, and one bottle of cola drink. The original price was RM63.95, but it is now only RM45.90.

The above three packages are only available through the KFC APP.

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