Free FamilyMart Sofuto Ice-cream for birthday celebrants in August!


Hey! Attention all birthday celebrants with birthdays in August! You can get a free Sofuto ice cream from FamilyMart!


The FamilyMart convenience store chain is giving away free Sofuto ice-cream to birthday celebrants on their monthly birthdays. Birthday celebrants can receive a free FamilyMart Sofuto in the month of their birthday.


To receive a FamilyMart Sofuto ice cream, you must be a FamilyMart member. People who are not yet members can download the FamilyMart APP and register as a member. You will receive a Birthday Reward / Voucher in your birthday month, and then you can go to your nearest FamilyMart to receive a free Sofuto ice-cream.


When you arrive at FamilyMart, you can show the birthday reward / voucher QR code to the counter and the FamilyMart counter staff will give you a free Sofuto. It is recommended that you click Redeem only when you are at the counter, as the voucher is only valid for 5 minutes.


FamilyMart will give a free Sofuto to the birthday boy or girl every month, for example, if you have a birthday in August, you will get a free Sofuto in August, a free Sofuto in September, and so on.

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