If you can eat, you get paid! Foodpanda invites tasters – monthly salary up to RM18,000! Interview conditions are simple and strange?


It’s a dream for many foodies to be able to eat non-stop, and it’s a dream for every foodie to be able to make money doing it. Foodpanda has recently been hiring “tasters” who will literally pay for what they can eat. The main job of a “taster” is to taste the food at Foodpanda’s partner restaurants, and after eating it, you must share your foodie thoughts in an article. These gourmet articles must be uploaded to Foodpanda’s social media platform, and the taster must plan content and promote the promotion activities held by the platform.

As the tester hired this time is Singapore’s Foodpanda, so this good job is only open to Singapore citizens or permanent residents. The taster’s salary is S$1,000, which is equivalent to RM3,000. In addition to the basic salary, the tasters also receive allowances from Foodpanda, which is as high as RM15,000!

If you want to get an interview, you must be aware that the job will open for applications on December 1 and close on December 15. In addition, to compete for a job as a food taster, the interviewee needs to meet two specific criteria: a history of stealing food during school classes and must have good digestive skills. Those who successfully pass the taster interview will begin working on January 4, 2021 for a period of three months.

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