DoNotPay: The AI Lawyer Saving Money for Users Worldwide


Because of its enormous database, AI has a significant edge over humans in “citing references” and matching legal regulations. In truth, AI has already begun to provide a variety of services to humans.

DoNotPay, a ChatGPT4-powered legal AI, helps consumers save money by disputing parking tickets, negotiating refunds on purchases, and analyzing financial transactions.

According to estimates, an AI robot has successfully overturned over 160,000 parking penalties in New York and London in less than two years. Since its founding, the company claims to have settled over 2 million linked cases.

The AI robot is being trained on consumer rules and regulations in major Western countries, thanks to GPT4. It may write compelling letters referencing specific legislation on behalf of users and submit them to firms via email, saving them money.

DoNotPay has now moved its focus to airlines, writing a letter to United Airlines asking for a refund for in-flight WiFi services. This request has yet to be answered by the airline.

Despite its success in getting parking citations overturned in New York and London, DoNotPay is facing legal challenges and criticism. In a San Francisco lawsuit, it was claimed that the corporation delivered low-quality legal documents and called into doubt the competence of a robot lawyer.

Additionally, DoNotPay charges a lawyer service fee of $36 every two months and does not offer a free trial.

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