Digi is offering Super Long Life discount again, get 365 days active at half price!


To coincide with the 8th August E-Commerce Day, Digi announced the launch of the 8.8 Digi Sale 50% Super Long Life offer, which means you can enjoy 50% off when you purchase Super Long Life.

The original price of Super Long Life is RM108 per annum and during the promotion period, it is only RM54, which means you can enjoy 50% off. This offer is only available from 5 August to 11 August 2022.

Packages that are applicable to the Super Long Life half-price offer include Digi Prepaid NEXT, Raja Kombo, RDY, DiGi Best Prepaid, DiGi Best Prepaid SE, DiGi Prepaid Plus, DiGi Prepaid Campus, DiGi Prepaid I Like, Super FnF, Super SMS, Super Talk, Happy Online, Happy East Coast, Happy Sekawan, 1Digi MNP Pack, DiGi Best Traveler, Digi New Best, Digi Prepaid Best 2016, Digi Prepaid Best 2017, Digi Prepaid Abadi.

Packages not applicable to Super Long Life Half Price Offer include Digi Prepaid Broadband, Digi Prepaid Easy, Digi Prepaid LiVE, Digi Prepaid Smart and Digi Prepaid Start.

To purchase Digi Super Long Life, you can simply go to the MyDigi APP, select Reload, and choose Validity, then select 365 Days and complete the payment.

The so-called Digi Super Long Life buys a mobile number for a specific amount of time so that it can remain active.

Digi already offered a 50% discount on Super Long Life in July, so if you missed the offer in July, don’t miss it again this August.

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