Digi and Celcom have completed their merger, what users need to know at this stage!


Attention Digi and Celcom users! The merger between Digi and Celcom has been completed. Do you know how this merger will affect you as a user?

According to the official Digi and Celcom website, Digi and Celcom have finally completed their merger after many trials and tribulations, but are currently in a transition period where the two companies are still integrating their resources and infrastructure.

If you are a Digi or Celcom subscriber, you do not need to make any action at this stage, you can use the network to dial up and access the Internet as usual. Users will still need to contact their respective telecommunications companies for assistance when they encounter network problems. The current subscription will also remain in place until further notice from Digi or Celcom.

If you are a Digi customer, you will still need to use the Digi website, MyDigi APP or Digi Service Centre to pay your bill, check your bill or purchase an Internet package. Celcom customers will still need to use the Celcom website, Celcom Life APP or Celcom Bluecube Service Centrea for various transactions.

Once Digi and Celcom have integrated all their resources, they will become celcomdigi Berhad and only then will Digi and Celcom customers become a family, which may take some time.

In addition, the official website of celcomdigi is now online, you can visit https://www.celcomdigi.com/ .

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