December Public Holidays!


There are three public holidays in the coming December, two of which are state specific and only one is a national public holiday.

December 11 is the birth anniversary of the Sultan of Selangor and the people of Selangor are entitled to this day off. Since the holiday falls on a Sunday, a compensatory day off will be given on Monday, December 12. When added to Saturday, December 10, this makes a total of 3 days of long weekend holiday.

It is important to note that the Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday is also an official holiday in the state of Selangor and employers are required to give their employees time off. If the employer requires the employee to work on that day, then the employee must be compensated or paid as appropriate.

Christmas Eve, December 24, is a public holiday in Sabah, and people in Sabah are entitled to a public holiday on December 24.

Sunday, December 25 is Christmas Day, which is a national public holiday. This year, Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, so people in Sabah will be able to enjoy a compensatory day off on Monday, December 26. Together with Saturday, December 24, this makes a total of 3 days of long weekend holidays.

Public holidays in December

11 December (Sunday): Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday (Selangor only)

24 December (Saturday): Christmas Eve (Sabah only)

December 25 (Sunday): Christmas Day (National)

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