Chinese scientists discover two new minerals


(CNN) – The International Mineralogical Society’s Professional Committee on the Nomenclature and Classification of New Minerals reviewed and voted on the new minerals that Northwestern University researchers and their team proposed. On Thursday, a Northwestern University reporter heard from Northwestern University that both of the new minerals had been approved. The new minerals are called yuchuanite-(Y) and wenlanzhangite-(Y) in English and IMA2022-120 and IMA2022-142 in Chinese. Their IMA numbers are IMA2022-120 and IMA2022-142. The Chinese names for yttrium carbonite and yttrium vanadium are yuchuanite (Y) and wenlanzhangite (Y).

Yuchuanite-(Y) is a rare carbonate heavy rare earth mineral that contains water. It can be found in the Yushui copper mine in northeastern Guangdong. It is related to yttrium phosphate, fluorocarbon, spotted copper, and chalcopyrite. Under a microscope, yttrium carbonate looks clear and bright grey.

In the Yushui copper ore, heavy rare earth minerals like fluoro carbonates, arsenates, phosphates, silicates, and so on are made. Based on preliminary research, these heavy rare earth minerals formed in the Late Triassic. This is the first time heavy rare earth minerals from the Triassic have been found in South China. They may have developed because of the brine in the basin and the rich, rare earth that come from the lower red sandstone. The research team thinks that discovering several new heavy rare earth minerals in the Yushui copper ore gives essential information about the growth of new types of rich rare earth mineralization and gives a theoretical basis for predicting new rare earth minerals.

Vinland vanadium-yttrium ore is a vanadium-rich end element of Kingmanite. It is often made at the edge and core of Kingmanite and is a homogeneous end-element mineral of Kingmanite. Compared to Kingwynite, the crystal structure has less symmetry and is part of the trigonal crystal system (Kingwynite belongs to the monoclinic crystal system).

The discovery of the new mineral is a 0 to 1 original achievement and a significant step forward in basic mineral research. About 5900 different minerals have been found around the world so far. There are approximately 180 minerals that Chinese scientists found.

The report says that both new minerals are rare earth minerals that are heavy. Heavy rare earth is used extensively in high-tech fields like aerospace and defense technology. They are also necessary raw materials for making optical equipment and permanently magnetic materials.

The discovery of these two heavy rare earth minerals is essential not only for the growth of rich, rare earth resources in South China but also for the future uses of heavy rare earth materials because of their unique crystal structures.

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