Check online if your travel agent is registered before purchasing travel packages!


Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MTAC) is urging the public to check if a travel agent is registered or has had its licence revoked by the relevant authorities before purchasing a travel package.

A blacklist of 197 travel agents that have breached the Tourism Act 1992 has been compiled on the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture’s website, and the list may include those whose licences have expired or those that have not been registered at all. The date on which the travel agency was blacklisted is also clearly indicated on the official website.

The list of registered travel agents can also be accessed through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture’s website, which clearly indicates the expiry date of the licence, address, contact number and fax number. There are currently 4,799 travel agents registered under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

Blacklist of travel agents: https://www.motac.gov.my/semakan/senarai-entiti-syarikat-tidak-berlesen


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