Buy RFID Tag in TNG e-wallet and get RM5 cash rebate instantly


Good news! Buy RFID Tag now and enjoy an RM5 cash rebate!

In order to encourage the public to actively install RFID tags in their cars, now you can get an RM5 cash rebate and free shipping when you purchase RFID tags through Touch ‘n Go eWallet! Touch & Go will mail the RFID Tag to the address you specify.

The RFID Tag is priced at RM35, and you can enjoy an immediate RM5 cash rebate through Touch ‘n Go eWallet, which means you only need to pay RM30 to buy an RFID Tag. After receiving the RFID Tag in the mail, you can install it on the left side of the windshield or the headlight on the left side of the car.

To buy RFID tags, you can open Touch ‘n Go eWallet, then enter the Toll section, click RFID, and then select the quantity and mailing address of the RFID tags you want to buy. After completing the payment, you can wait for the RFID Tag to be mailed to your door. The discount is limited to the first 500,000 transactions, and there is no limit to the number of RFID tags that can be purchased by each person. The discount will be available from January 5, 2022, to March 31.

The toll station on the North-South Expressway from Penang to Johor will support toll payment by RFID from January 15 and will phase out SmartTAG and Touch ‘n Go Card for toll payment.

Shopee to buy RFID Tag: https://invol.co/cl8d2ww

Lazada buys RFID Tag: https://invol.co/cl8d2y1

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