Bottled cooking oil price increase from July, may exceed 40%.


With the government’s removal of subsidies for bottled cooking oil from July 1, bottled cooking oil will follow market price fluctuations. Although oil palm fruit and palm oil prices have declined, but bottled cooking oil will still increase prices from July 1.

According to Mydin’s managing director as quoted by China Daily, the price of 1kg bottle of Alif and Saji will be increased from RM6.70 to RM9.50. Vesawit RM9.40 and Seri Murni will be RM9.25.

For 2kg bottles of cooking oil, Vesawit will increase from RM12.70 to RM18.25, Seri Murni will be RM18.10, Alif will be RM18.05 and Saji will be RM17.90. 5kg bottles of cooking oil will increase from the current RM29.70 to RM38 to RM42.

It is worth mentioning that the government will still provide an allowance for 1kg of cooking oil in plastic packaging and the retail price of these cooking oils will be RM2.50.

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