Before leaving vaccination center, be sure to check MSJ to see if your vaccination certificate has been updated!


According to information released by the Ministry of Health, before leaving a vaccination center after receiving a booster vaccine, people should check their MySejahtera to see if the electronic vaccination certificate has been updated.

If you find that the information on MySejahtera still does not show the booster vaccine, you should promptly ask the relevant staff to take care of it.

If you left vaccination center and find that the e-vaccination certificate has not been updated, it may be troublesome to process and may take a lot of labor and time to process the e-vaccination certificate update.

The Ministry of Health is actively promoting booster vaccination, which is available as soon as the second dose of the vaccine has been administered for 3 months. The Ministry of Health will prioritize booster vaccination for the elderly and those with underlying diseases, followed by young people. Booster vaccinations for young people will be administered on a decreasing age basis.

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