Attention All Affin Bank Depositors, Starting November 30th, Transactions Will Be Verified Only Through AffinAlways APP!


Attention Affin Bank depositors! Starting November 30th, transactions will only be verified through the AffinAlways APP.

According to a news release from Affin Bank, the transaction verification function will be moved from AffinAlways APP and the new measure will be effective from November 30, 2023 onwards. Depositors are urged to download the AffinAlways APP.

Simply put, when depositors conduct online banking transactions, they will only be able to verify and validate transactions through the AffinAlways APP. If depositors do not download and register the AffinAlways APP, they will not be able to perform any bank transfer transactions.

With the launch of AffinAlways APP by Affin Bank back in October, depositors can finally say goodbye to the pain of checking their bank accounts using the web.

The AffinAlways APP is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and can only be used on Android phones running Android 11 or higher, or iPhones running iOS 15.0 or higher.

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