“Apple’s 6 major shortcomings” are much worse than Android, according to technology blogger!


One of China technology blogger listed 6 shortcomings of Apple: 

Regret 1: Wechat cannot be duplicated.

The technology blogger stated that he has two WeChat IDs and that both personal and work accounts must be opened. He can’t double open WeChat, which means he’ll soon need to carry two phones with him when he leaves the house, which is ridiculous.

Regret 2: Calls cannot be recorded.

He claimed that having no way to automatically record is incredibly annoying. The audio has always been automatically captured and cleared once a month.

Regret 3: Alarm clock problem

Holidays are not skipped automatically; The reminder can only be set for nine minutes later.

Regret 4: NFC

Cannot add access card using NFC

Regret 5: Cannot capture lengthy screenshots

Regret 6: Because the computer cannot observe the precise operation, you must restart if you make a mistake.

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