AmBank Urges Users to Enable AmSecure, SMS OTP to Be Replaced Gradually!


AmBank is urging users to enable AmSecure to use a more secure authentication method for banking transactions.


According to a statement issued by AmBank, AmBank will replace SMS OTP with a more secure authentication method by June 2023, the more secure authentication method mentioned by AmBank is AmSecure.


The so-called AmSecure means that when a user makes a bank transfer transaction, the bank will send a transfer notification through the AmOnline APP, and the user will have to click on the notification to accept or reject the transfer. This is one of AmBank’s efforts to enhance the security of online banking.


AmBank will also introduce a “cooling-off” period, which means that when a user signs up for AmOnline for the first time or registers for AmSecure on a new device, he or she will be required to wait at least 12 days for the user to register for AmSecure. Users are required to wait at least 12 hours before they can use their newly registered AmOnline or AmSecure.


AmBank urges users to call AmBank’s customer service hotline for assistance in the event of any unusual transactions in their bank accounts.

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