Air Itam Expressway Bypass project progressed to 42% as of January.


Penang Infrastructure and Transport Committee Chairman Zailil pointed out that the bypass project (also known as the second supporting project) connecting Aitam to Dr. Lin Chong Eu Expressway, which is estimated to cost RM851.04 billion, has progressed to 42% as of early January this year. 

According to the Pearl Express, Zairil said in an interview that the drive from Aitam to Dr. Lin Chong Eu Highway currently takes 40 minutes. Once the above-mentioned bypass project is completed, the drive will be significantly shortened to less than 10 minutes. It is tentatively scheduled to be completed next year. 

“The bypass has a total length of 5.7 kilometers and progress is encouraging for most of the civil engineering works, including drilling and piling work, piers and beams for the viaduct structure, soil nailing slope stabilization structures, construction of reinforced earth walls and widening of existing roads.”

Zairil said that the bypass project is divided into six sections. In the first section of the project, the relocation of public facilities responsible for Penang Water Supply Corporation, Tenaga Nasional Bhd, and TM has been completed.

“As for the second, third, and fourth sections, major works such as controlled rock blasting, strengthening walls, rock crushing, soil nailing, platform preparation, soil improvement, rock splitting, and excavation work are ongoing.”

He continued that in Section 5, the relocation of sewage pipes, power and communication cables was underway, while other works including site clearing, soil improvement and roadbed preparation for the permanent branch road were also underway.

“In segment six, utility pilot work is scheduled to begin this month.”

Zailil said Penang must continue to improve its infrastructure, which will help people travel and drive local business.

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