After exercise, your skin needs extra care to avoid sensitivity! Choosing the right cleansing product is crucial.


Do you like to exercise, but don’t like the sticky feeling of sweating after exercise? You also don’t like to take a shower after every exercise, which will cause the skin of your body to become dry or even itchy?

Don’t let this be a reason for you to give up exercise! Let EUBOS Sensitive Care Shower & Cream be your best companion every time you enjoy exercise, restoring your skin to hydration, translucence and luster.

EUBOS Sensitive Care contains no soap, added colors and preservatives. The complete series of 3 steps allows you to easily maintain the pH value of your skin through bathing and bid farewell to sensitive skin. 3 simple steps include:

Step 1: EUBOS Sensitive Care Shampoo Dermo Protective

Washing hair is a crucial step, but it is something that many people ignore. Some boys even wash it from head to toe with just one bottle! It’s not impossible, it’s just that hair (including scalp) actually needs special “care” in order to maintain a good scalp and beautiful hair.

EUBOS Sensitive Care Shampoo Dermo Protective gently cleanses and cares for sensitive scalp, maintaining a balanced pH. Rich in active ingredients including vitamin B5, wheat protein and moisturizing factors, it can care for dry and sensitive scalp and hair. At the same time, it enhances the elasticity and flexibility of the hair. Using hot spring water can soothe the scalp and increase the luster of the hair.

Step 2: EUBOS Sensitive Care Shower & Cream 2-in-1 Sensitive Care Shower & Cream

When it comes to the body part, don’t be careless at all. Especially after sweating after exercise, if you don’t wash it properly, bacteria can easily breed, which may lead to body odor. On the other hand, if you wash it too much, it will imbalance the pH value of the skin and induce various sensitive conditions, such as dryness, itching, peeling, and rashes. …..

EUBOS Sensitive Care Shower & Cream contains vitamin B5, plant lipids and care ingredients to protect the skin from dehydration. It contains special active ingredients that have a soothing effect, strengthen the skin, and keep the skin soft and smooth. It is especially suitable for replenishing moisture to the skin after exercise. .

The mildly formulated EUBOS Sensitive Shower Gel and Cream is a dermatological skin care series that is also suitable for people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Step 3: EUBOS Sensitive Care Hand Repair & Care

The last step is to lock in moisture in your skin and keep it moisturized and hydrated, so that your skin will not become allergic and you will have baby-like skin.

EUBOS Sensitive Care Hand Repair & Care is clinically tested. It can improve the skin’s tolerance to environmental stress and make the skin smooth all day long!

More importantly, it can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and it will not feel sticky after application, but it can help moisturize dry, rough, and calloused hands, leaving them long-lasting moisturized and smooth.

In addition, this series also has an intimate hygiene cleansing emulsion (EUBOS Intimate Woman Washing Emulsion) specially designed for women.

A unique and gentle formula specially developed for the care of private parts. It does not contain dyes and alkali soaps. It is a cleansing lotion especially suitable for adolescent women to use to maintain the hygiene of their private parts. It can be used during menstruation, before pregnancy, postpartum and after married life.

Enriched with fatty fluids, humectants and hydrolyzed proteins from milk and wheat, it locks in moisture and enhances balanced moisture levels to soften and smooth skin. Natural amino acids also help maintain the physiological acidic pH of the private parts, thus protecting their naturally healthy slightly acidic biosphere.

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