After 4 years, BLACKPINK appeared on the stage of Coachella. Jennie and Lisa released the swear words directly, and the audience was excited!


After four years, the popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK again appeared at the Coachella Music Festival in the United States, bringing many new songs and classic songs, which blew up the audience! This is the second time they have appeared on the stage of Coachella. The stage in 2019 made them gods in the hearts of countless people and quickly opened up their popularity in European and American countries.

I finally waited for the Blackpink to return to the Coachella stage this year! They sang many classic group songs in a row, which aroused heated discussions worldwide. This stage not only made them No. 1 in the search volume of the Coachella Music Festival but also the No. 1 in the global Google search volume. They also set a Coachella record for a YouTube live-stream at the Coachella Music Festival, accumulating approximately 250 million online viewers. Lisa is the most mentioned solo female artist at this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

BLACKPINK’s performance started with a light show, and then they appeared on the stage one by one in pink and black. As soon as the four girls appeared, the scene was immediately lit up with a sea of ​​pink lights, and the scene was once very spectacular. They first brought “Pink Venom” and “Kill This Love“. Immediately after the end of the two songs, they interacted and greeted the audience. Then continue to sing “How You Like That“, “Pretty Savage“, “Kick It“, “Whistle“, and other songs. It is worth mentioning that during the intro to the song “How You Like That“, Jennie followed the rhythm of the music and yelled to the audience: “Coachella! Are you ready for tonight? Let me hear your fxxking scream!” instantly ignited the audience. During the period, the four girls not only brought a sexy chair leg dance, Rosé and Lisa even danced with the male dancer. It was so hot!

In addition to group performances, each member brought their solo stage. The solo stage of the Blackpink can be said to be very impressive. Whether it is Jennie’s “You and Me”, Jisoo’s “Flower”, Rosé’s “On the Ground”, or Lisa’s “Money”, the members are all full of energy. Glamorous. Lisa even brought a swear word version of “Money”, which ignited the audience directly. Lisa adapted the original lyrics “I came here to drop some money, dropping all my money. Drop some money, all this bread so yummy” into “I came here to drop some money, drop your fxxking money. Drop some money, mother fxxking money.”

After the Solo performance, the four girls once again put on new black looks to bring group performances to the audience, including “BOOMBAYAH“, “Lovesick Girls“, “Playing with Fire“, “Typa Girl“, “Shut Down“, “Tally“, “DDU-DU DDU-DU“, “Forever Young” and other songs. The editor can feel that BLACKPINK is sincere on stage this time! Whether it is from costume modelling and arrangement to dance adaptation, it can be seen that they attach great importance to this stage. It is gorgeous! Every song can make the scene boil instantly.

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