According to the ministry, the ‘RM500 Bantuan Warga Emas’ news is fake.


‘RM500 Bantuan Warga Emas’ is a fake news.

According to a media statement from the Communications and  Digital Ministry (KKD)’s Rapid Response Team (PRP), the following is a denial of news that has gone viral on social media today.

The Social Welfare Department has denied issuing any news about the ‘Bantuan Warga Emas RM500 Bagi Tahun 2023,’ which has recently gone viral on social media.

Only the department’s official website, www.jkm.gov.my, provides accurate information on any assistance provided by the department.

The public was also advised not to be easily influenced or spread unverified information, but to always conduct an initial check by referring to the official website or social media of the relevant ministry, department, or agency to obtain authentic and up-to-date information.

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