A woman who’s been in a body bag for five hours suddenly moves, and the morgue staff is stunned.


In Guatemala, a woman, who had been judged by doctors to be dead, suddenly moved after being in a body bag for five hours, terrifying medical staff on the spot, but after several resuscitations, she was pronounced dead for the second time.

As seen in the video circulated on the Internet, medical staff from the morgue to urgently move the woman, who was judged dead by doctors, to the emergency room, during the process of medical care also kept shouting, “She is still alive, she was put in the morgue.” The incident occurred on the 18th, the woman was in a body bag for five hours, suddenly moved, on the spot scared medical staff.

The woman was ruled dead due to involuntary body shaking, was found alive by the morgue personnel, and then rushed back to the emergency room for treatment, but doctors tried many ways to try to save her life, but the use of monitoring instruments to confirm that they could not detect any breathing and brain activity, equal to the same day, the second pronounced dead.

According to a hospital spokesperson, the woman was brought to the hospital in an unstable condition, with signs of severe malnutrition and a history of epilepsy and cerebral palsy, and “after 30 minutes of resuscitation, she was pronounced dead and her remains were taken to the morgue.”


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