A New Generation of More Powerful AI. OpenAI Introduces GPT-4


With the release of GPT-4, a new generation of large multimodal models, US startup OpenAI has dropped another bombshell following the success of its chatbot, ChatGPT. According to openAI, GPT-4 was subjected to six months of adversarial testing and used data from ChatGPT’s development to inform generational improvements.

According to a report by China First, the official OpenAI website claims GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than ever before. It can learn the user’s writing style, compose music, write scripts, and overlay these and other creative and technical writing tasks with the user. GPT-4’s enhanced capacity for common sense and problem-solving allows it to address challenging problems.

OpenAl also claims that GPT-4 will result in fewer inaccuracies, less straying from the topic, and less broaching of taboo subjects.

Furthermore, despite being less intelligent than humans in many real-world scenarios, it has demonstrated human-level performance in many professional and academic benchmark tests. Comparing the GPT-4 to the implementation of test-takers on the Mock Bar Exam and the SAT Reading Test, we find that it performs in the upper 7th percentile of those attempting those exams.

Image processing can be started

OpenAI president and co-founder Brookman demonstrated the true power of GPT-4 in a live broadcast that day, doing things like summarising articles, writing code, filing taxes, and writing poems. GPT-4 can easily defeat anything that GPT-3.5 can’t.

Brookman also used the new interface’s “System” box to transform GPT-4 into ChatGPT, an AI programming assistant, and TaxGPT, allowing it to tackle various problems rapidly.

As a result of the update, GPT-4 can also begin image processing. In contrast to the widely-used ChatGPT, GPT-4 is capable of parsing both text and images, allowing it to interpret more complex information.

Because of its improved performance, GPT-4 requires more expensive training to accept the same data as its predecessors.

This new model is yet to be available for free public testing, and developers are only encouraged to request a trial, along with being offered to paid users of ChatGPT.


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