A Malaysian man is driving slowly on the highway; there are apology stickers on the back of his car. It’s quite warm that’s the reason!


In a tweet, a Malaysian netizen shared a picture of a car with the words “Sorry I can’t drive too fast because my wife just gave birth” taped to the rear.

Then, the driver of the car in the picture made an appearance and apologized to the public for his slow driving. He mentioned that it occurred usually during the rush hour at that time. He put a reminder on the back of the car to remind everyone and hoped that no one would mind that he was driving very slowly out of respect for other drivers. 

He mentioned on March 4, his wife was released from the hospital after giving birth, but on March 7, she needed to go back for treatment because of a terrible cough that had caused the wound to burst and hemorrhage. This is why he was driving so slowly.

He added that at that time, several cars were forced to stay behind and it was difficult to overtake. He thanked everyone for their cooperation and hoped they could all understand.

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