A Chinese70 year old man descent died suddenly while defending his dog from law enforcement officers during an argument!


The Bentong City Council reportedly started a dog hunting operation after hearing complaints from locals, according to the “China Press” article. As a result, the shocked onlookers witnessed a 70 year old Chinese dog owner pass away suddenly while arguing with the officers!

The deceased’s dog just so happened to be strolling outside without a leash while the authorities were capturing the dog at the Bentong Hero Garden.
During the argument, the victim rushed to defend his pet dog but passed out suddenly and died in front of the neighbor’s home!

Following the notification, Bentong General Hospital ambulance workers arrived and verified the death of the victim. The victim’s body was sent to the Central Hospital for an investigation by the responding police, who arrived to conduct their inspection.

The deceased’s children lived alone because they were always employed outside. One of the victim’s sons also hurried home to learn about the situation after the neighbors informed the victim’s family of the dreadful news.

The results of the hospital autopsy must yet be obtained in order to determine the old man’s actual cause of death.




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