6 Ways to Apply Permanent Resident of Singapore


6 Ways to apply Singapore (PR)

Malaysia’s political situation has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Many people are desperate and are considering immigrating. Singapore is the nearest country to us, and its lifestyle and customs are similar to Malaysia’s. As a result, Singapore has become one of the top destinations for Malaysians seeking to immigrate.

In general, Malaysian citizens who want to immigrate to Singapore begin by applying for a work permit. Apply for a permanent resident (PR) after successfully obtaining a work permit (Employment Pass or S Pass), and then decide whether to apply for Singapore citizenship after two years.

The main benefit of applying for Singapore Permanent Residence, also known as a green card, is that you can live and work in Singapore without giving up your Malaysian citizenship. There are six ways to apply for Singapore PR.

Ways to apply for Singapore PR:

1. Spouse of a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
2. Legally married to citizens or permanent residents, or legally adopted or born unmarried children under the age of 21 by citizens or permanent residents
3. Singapore Citizens’ Elderly Parents
4. Possessor of an Employment Pass or S Pass
5. Students enrolled in Singapore
6. Foreign investors in Singapore

The most common method is to apply for a work permit to become a Singapore permanent resident (PR). Singapore permanent residents will be evaluated using a “point system.” The following methods will be used to determine scores:

Common method:

1. Work permit classification
2. Length of stay in Singapore
3. Education 
4. Monthly Basic Salary
5. Your age? 
6. Do you have any relatives in Singapore?

Method of application:

All permanent resident (PR) applications must be submitted online through the Immigration Department’s official website or through a Singpass account. On submission of the application, each applicant must pay a processing fee of SGD 100.

You must pay additional fees once you have obtained your identity (including an entry permit of 20 SGD, a 5-year re-entry permit of 50 SGD, an ID card of 50 SGD, an entry visa of 30 SGD, etc.)

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