4 things to keep in mind when paying tolls with RFID Tag to avoid disruption to your trip!


The North-South Road Tollbooth will be opened for RFID toll payment on January 15 at 10pm! Do you have an RFID Tag installed in your car, you need to pay attention to 4 things when using RFID Tag to pay tolls, so as not to affect your travel!


1. RFID Tag distance from the metal body at least 5cm


RFID Tag must pay attention to the installation of RFID Tag, not too close to the metal body. RFID Tag must be at least 5cm away from the metal body, so as to avoid the metal body affect the RFID Tag reading effect. The best place to install RFID Tag is on the left side of the windshield and headlights.


2. Recharge Touch ‘n Go eWallet


It is important to remember to recharge your Touch ‘n Go eWallet, otherwise you may face difficulties in passing through the toll booths. If your Touch ‘n Go eWallet balance is low at the time of clearance, you will be given a one-time pass, which means you can pass through the toll booth without any problems. This measure is to avoid the situation of long queues at the toll booths.

However, it is important to note that the car owner must top up the Touch ‘n Go eWallet after receiving the accommodation, and the relevant toll will be deducted directly after the top-up. If the car owner does not top up the Touch ‘n Go eWallet, the eWallet will be frozen, terminated and blacklisted.


3. Free RFID Tag Replacement


RFID Tag has a lifespan of about 5 years and can withstand weather conditions such as heat and rain. If your RFID Tag is damaged, you will get a free replacement, but only for the first time.


4. Stay at least 5m from the car in front of you


When you pass through the RFID toll lane, you must remember to keep at least 5 meters away from the car in front of you, so that you can avoid paying the toll for the car in front of you by mistake. If you read the notices posted at the toll booths, you will find that they clearly require vehicles to stay at least 5 meters away from each other at the toll booths.


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