2023 Qingming Festival Auspicious Date List (from Johor Kluang Jiuhwa Kong)


The main purpose of the Qing Ming Festival is to remember our ancestors and to pray to them for blessings, hoping that they will shade our children and grandchildren and solve their problems.

Due to the significance of ancestor worship, most of the cemeteries and Yishan in Malaysia are located in the suburbs, so you will find that on the weekends before and after Qing Ming Festival, the cemeteries and Yishan will be congested with traffic. Because everyone chooses the same time to pay respect to ancestors, how can there be no traffic jam?

In fact, the 14 days before and after Qing Ming Festival can be used for ancestor worship, so as long as you choose the right auspicious day, you can avoid the traffic on the day of Ching Ming Festival and do not have to be stuck in the traffic queue.

You can choose an auspicious day for your family to go to the mountain to worship your ancestors, not necessarily on the first day of Qing Ming Festival. This way you can avoid the rush hour of Qingming and avoid the big traffic jam.

The 2023 Qingming Festival falls on Wednesday, April 5. People will usually visit the tomb on April 1 (Saturday) or April 2 (Sunday). According to the table of auspicious dates for Qingming Festival in 2023 also released by Johor Kluang Jiuhwa Kong, April 1 and 2 are not among the auspicious dates for Qingming .

Here we bring you the 2023 Qingming Festival auspicious day table compiled by the Kluang Jiuhwa Kong, Johor, Malaysia. The information is for reference only, do not be superstitious.

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