2022 has 100 days left.


Just 100 more days before 2023!

2022 has 100 days remaining!

Have you met your 2022 objectives, such as those related to your savings plan? Have all of your desires and goals for purchasing a home and a vehicle come true? Are you getting the raises and promotions you want?

2022 is a difficult year. Even though the government has removed the mask mandatory rules and opened up all economic activity, but, the domestic inflation and the devaluation of the ringgit have made life even harder for the populace.

The challenges of 2023 will starts 100 days later. Obviously, a strong dollar will increase the cost of imported goods in our country, worsening domestic inflation. We must begin practising sound financial management and cut back on wasteful spending.

But everyone shouldn’t be overly pessimistic since, as the adage goes, every year is sad. It will be the Chinese New Year in 121 days. In 2023, the Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year’s Eve will both fall on January 22 and 23.

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