1 More Johor Affordable Home Open for Application, Priced at RM100,000 Only.


There is 1 more affordable house in Johor open for application at RM100,000 According to the official website of eRumah Johor, there is 1 scheme of affordable house in Johor open for application. The house that is open for application is Taman Pulai Mutiara 2.


Taman Pulai Mutiara 2 is a condominium housing type with a total of 387 units. The house size is 850 square feet and the monthly income of the applicant must not exceed RM6,000. 1470 applicants have applied for Taman Pulai Mutiara 2 affordable housing so far, 1338 of them are eligible and 37 applications have been processed.


Interested parties can visit https://erumah.johor.gov.my/ePerumahan/home/id-DaftarAkaun.htm to register for an account, fill in all the details and log into the account to select the housing scheme you wish to apply for.


After completing the application, you will need to hand deliver the relevant additional documents to PEJABAT SETIAUSAHA KERAJAAN JOHOR (Bahagian Perumahan). After reviewing the applications, the authorities will draw lots for the applicants and the lucky ones will be able to buy the house.


It is said that there are many Chinese who have successfully applied for affordable housing in Johor.


Application Requirements

1. Malaysian citizens.

2. Resident in Johor for more than 10 years.

3. 18 years old or above

4. Income not exceeding

A. RMB A: RM4,000

B. RMB B: RM6,000* C. RMB C: RM8,000* C. RMB D: RM8,000* C. RMB E: RM8,000

C. RMB C: RM8,000 * D. RMB D: RM10,000 * D. RMB D: RM10,000 * D. RMB D: RM10,000

D. RMB D: RM10,000

E. KKS: RM13,000


Application Steps

1. Register an eRumah account. 2.

2. Login to your account and fill in your personal details.

3. Select the housing scheme you wish to apply for and submit the application.

4. Submit additional documents to the service counter.

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